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Classroom Materials

The name TextProject says it all: Our specialty lays in texts. We have texts for instruction of beginning and struggling readers and for read-alouds. But our resources go beyond texts to include support for teachers, including guides, lists, and forms. We also provide outstanding pictures to use for vocabulary instruction.

Lists & Forms

There's lots to know about written language in teaching students to read proficiently. TextProject's Lists and Forms give teachers information and guidance in knowing about texts and the words in texts.

Read-Aloud Favorites

A collection of reviewed tradebooks that were selected for use as a read-aloud in a classroom or home setting.

Student Texts

BeginningReads™ Logo

"Read to learn" while learning to read

talking points for kids logo
Talking Points for Kids
Increase text-based discussions


Stop the summer slump

FYI for KIDS 125
FYI for Kids!
Magazine-based reading program

SOW-logo-40.pngStories of Words
Build stamina and word conscious

Teacher's Guides

TextProject offers support to teachers in search of new approaches to old problems and new problems alike.

Vocabulary Lessons: E4 and S4

Vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of students' comprehension of texts. The reading of complex texts requires that students have rich vocabularies. The two types of reading lessons provided by TextProject—E4(Exceptional Expressions for Everyday Events) and S4 (Super Synonym Sets for Stories)—support the development of strong and generative vocabularies.

Word Pictures

TextProject Word Pictures provide a vault of carefully chosen pictures to assist educators in making such connections.